World Backup Day — March 31st

Get ready - World Backup is March 31st!


How big is World Backup Day?

With over 72.000 Media Mentions ( which we were able to count.. ) and over 500.000 visitors on on 31st March alone, Worldbackupday is one of the largest tech-related event days in the world! More statistics are coming in 2022 as we are going to measure a lot more!

When is World Backup Day?

It’s on March 31st! It’s not only a day for backing up your personal data, but it’s also a day to talk about the enormous task of preserving our increasingly digital heritage and cultural works for future generations.

We’re aiming to reach those who have never backed up in their life, and might not even know what backup is!

However, we also like to say that World Backup Day is every day! A good backup plan will be continuous and include multiple layers to not only recover your data but also include steps for data preservation.

The original idea for the March 31st date was a humorous reference to April Fool’s Day on April 1st.

Can I get some flyers or posters to put up in my school/workplace?

Sure! Check out our World Backup Day posters and flyers from our Downloads page. You can print these out and place them in your school or workplace as long you don’t modify the documents (okay, drawing cute kittens on them is alright). Just be sure to tweet us pictures at @WorldBackupDay or post them on Facebook.

I’m a journalist. Where can get more info about World Backup Day?

No problem. Please email us with any questions or comments and we’ll work to help you out. Also, check out our Press Room for more info.

Can I use World Backup Day and the Globe and Arrow on my site or ad campaign?

Our trademarked logo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Commercial use is not allowed without a link back to, also for not commercial use however we would appreciate a link back to the

Check out our legal page for more information on how to use World Backup Day assets on your site or publication.

We’re pretty proud of World Backup Day, so we try our best to protect it from being used by spammers and scammers. If you see it being used inappropriately, let us know!

Knock knock.

That’s not a question.

Check this out.

Whoa, whoa! Back up, man.