World Backup Day — March 31st

Get ready - World Backup is March 31st!

Best Backup Software

So, like everyone else you want to know which backup software you need to get to backup all your data in a cheap and at the same time convenient, and trusted way.

We can’t give you the best one

Simple because a perfect backup solution for every possible device and situation doesn’t exist!

What we can do however is to help you by providing you with two good strong options, based on situations, specs, and devices.

Best Backup Solutions based on your needs

100% Free Cloud Storage
Small backups - Backup for only a few files - Best backup for pictures.

Best Unlimited Backups
Unlimited Storage - No Caps - Large media and file storage.

Best for Value
Cheap Backup Solutions - Best Price Ratings.

Business Backup Services
Integration vs Strong pricing - Export Support.

Photo Backups
Organize option - Strong Overview.

Best for Secure Backups
No cheap options but Secure - Focus on Cyber Security.

Best Whatsapp Backup
Integration vs Strong pricing - Export Support.

Windows PC Backup
Windows 10 and 11 support - Windows PC Apps.

MAC Backup
Inc. macOS 13 Ventura

iPhone Backup
Integrated with iOs - iPhone Apps.

So, is there a best one?

If you look at the lists above, there are a few players who come back a couple of times but need to be listed as Nr# 1 generically. It’s just that Backblaze is quite a unique unlimited service at the moment; there isn’t a real contender in the field of complete backups for that price position. And iDrive and pCloud provide good value. So yeah, these three come back regularly in these lists as the price is essential for people to start with the best backup software.

Why Trust Us?

Because unlike all other reviews about the best backup software out there: We always provide multiple options per backup issue or need. There isn’t a 1,2,3 ranking, and the choices we picked are based on our own experiences, reviews from many other websites, and experience in the market (we also manage a few local backup-related review websites).

This list will also be updated every year based on reviews we received, market info, and changes.

Some of the listed companies do offer us commissions/partnership fees. However, this did not result in listings of these backup software companies. If you don’t support our choices or think you need to be added to this list, drop us an e-mail at We are 100% committed to providing the best guidance; if you have bad experiences with the above companies, let us know.


Sources we use to provide this list, excluding our research: Wirecutter, PCMAG, Computable, Techreviews, and Backup Comparison websites.